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Sezin Hason
Los Angeles, CA

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Having formally trained in Economics and Graphic Design, Sezin worked with the independent film industry in worldwide distribution and production for over 15 years. About 10 years ago, she was introduced to breath work which started her spiritual path and the questioning of her career path. She soon became a Certified Holistic Health Coach and established the wellness website MindBodySoul.


Sezin found helping people achieve physical health very rewarding but she wanted to do more. In 2016, she attended a Points of You® training in New York and fell in love with it. Points of You® incorporates photo therapy, coaching, envisioning, creativity and fun to open up new perspectives on oneself and the world. 


Sezin now is a certified Points of You® trainer/facilitator, and a Co-Active Coach® and has led workshops and trainings around the world.


She is very passionate about working with people, especially teens and women. Her workshops invite participants to feel empowered and inspired to step out of their comfort zone and live with renewed passion. 

An Nguyen
Atlanta, GA

"I am possible!"  That is his motto.  Despite his challenges being an immigrant to a new country at age 16, he overcame the language barrier, cultural differences and financially difficulties to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs. He found his success building a global sales force in less than 5 years.

Started out as an entrepreneur and grown into a business coach, mentor and leadership trainer. An loves businesses: learning, starting or operating. But most importantly he loves working with people.

An is a well known international speaker in his global business and a charismatic trainer for his interactive communication, business and leadership workshops. Today he is a certified Points of You®

His goal is to use the tools and collaborate with professionals to open minds, hearts and break patterns so others would feel “I am possible!”as well.