This is the most beautiful, well thought-out, comprehensive coaching process and material I have ever seen.


Lori Burgi, Certified Integrative Coach

I attended the training in California in February. It was life changing! Best decision I have made career-wise and for myself. Highly recommend... 


Donna Duff, Creative Tidal Wave, USA 

I also used Points of You™ tools in team development interventions and witnessed team members quickly opening up with each other...


Marjolaine Rompré, L'Oréal Canada 

Points of You™ tools open the conversation wider and deeper to expand our thinking; to help us explore what is said and that which could remain... 


Tamara Hamilton, Audacious Coaching, USA

The act of unwrapping the games is the perfect metaphor for the discoveries that unfold as you play. Fresh, fun and innovative coaching process... Read Review


Marcy Nelson-Garrison, Coachingtoys.com

Full of surprises and life-changing moments. It’s a workshop in a box!


Laurie Lawson, CEC, PCC, New York


Every single client that I worked with The Coaching Game was presented with a new insight. Every single one. That is priceless!


Anouk Boering, Go-Focus Coaching, The Netherlands



…lnstead of letting each manager go through presentation of their list of achievements, we were able to incorporate the thought-provoking photos in Points of You™ tools to inspire people to tell their authentic stories as a means of updating everyone. The result was a memorable and lively period where attention was sustained and interest was uplifted.
Endorsement letter


Sylvie Geneau, Cirque du Soleil

The Coaching Game has been a great tool for helping people break through barriers related to decision making, critical thinking, tolerations, goal setting, planning, and any other cognitive or affective issues.


Doreen Petty, Business Coaching, USA